Resolving the Technical and Business Challenges of Getting Connected to the Internet of Things

IoT Device Security Summit
October 30, 2018 – Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

Overview of the 2018 IoT Device Security Summit

Things have been connected to the Internet for many decades, going back to the days when it was referred to as Machine-to-Machine (M2M). While Building secure systems has always been a concern, the tremendous growth of the IoT has revealed that security, or the lack thereof, has become an epidemic problem. For many IoT Devices, security is an afterthought, and is often purposely avoided to save cost, eliminate the performance impact, or out of fear of implementing it incorrectly. Unfortunately, once a device has been developed, it’s difficult to go back and properly integrate security features. Security must be implemented from the ground up in a device – the focus of the 2018 IoT DevCon: IoT Device Security Summit.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Implementing End-to-End Security
  • Hardware and Software Security Components
  • Secure Data Storage : Protection and Connectivity Protocols
  • Using Security Frameworks and Dev Kits
  • Matching IoT Profiles with Security Requirements
  • Understanding the Performance and Energy Impact of Security


2017 Visionary Keynotes and Strategic Talks Included:
Unlocking the Value of IoT
Ian Ferguson, Vice President, Internet of Things Services Group (ISG) Solutions, Arm
Standardizing on Trust: Building Security in Devices and the Design Process
William Diotte, CEO, Mocana
Augmented Reality: Separating the Signal from the Noise in Cybersecurity
Minuk Kim, Sr. Director of Information Security & Technology, Daqri
Facing the Challenges of Security Features in IoT Devices
Markus Levy, Conference Chair and President/CEO of EEMBC

IoT Node Security - One Stop Shop ?!
Uri Weinrib, Product Architect, Texas Instruments
Leveraging Secure Silicon to Enable Higher Value IoT Applications
Tom Katsioulas, Business Dev. Director, Mentor-a Siemens business
Good Trust, Bad Trust (and the IoT Value Chain)
Asaf Shen, VP Marketing, Security IP, Arm

Enhancing Existing IoT SoC Chip Solutions with “Drop-In” NSA Suite B Security
Chuck Gershman, Strategic Development Director, Intrinsix

Demystifying Security Root of Trust Approaches for IoT/Embedded
Reed Hinkel, Security Solutions Architect, Arm

Security for the Internet of Things Must Start with a Solid and Secure Platform
Kim Rowe, CEO, RoweBots

Secure IoT Identity and the Emergence of IoT Control
Rod Schultz, Chief Product Officer, Rubicon Labs

Future Proof Security for Very Small Things
Louis Parks, CEO, SecureRF

Intelligent Secure Storage for Industrial IoT
Hiep Pham, VP of Research and Development, Virtium

Yun-on-Chip Architecture for the Next Generation Embedded Computing
Xiaoning Qi, CEO, C-SKY Microsystems

The Real Performance and Energy Cost of Cryptography in IoT Devices
Mike Borza, Member Technical Staff, Synopsys

Embedding Security in IoT Devices
David Lam, Chairman, Multibeam Corporation

This Conference is devoted to tackling the complex challenges of IoT design and implementations of device security and designed specifically for IoT product developers, engineers and managers concerned about IoT device security.

What to Expect: Industry leaders presenting informative Keynotes and a high-level panel discussion in the morning, two tracks of technical breakout sessions in the afternoon, exhibits and product demonstrations all day with a complimentary lunch, a networking reception from 4:30 - 6:00 pm, plus the 2018 conference proceedings.

When: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - Registration / badge pick-up opens at 8:15am. The conference begins at 9am and concludes at 4:30pm followed by a networking cocktail reception from 4:30pm - 6:00pm. Don't miss out on networking with great speakers, top sponsors and your peers!

Where: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara - complimentary parking is available in front and also in the parking structure behind the hotel. The conference takes place on the second floor with registration located at the top of the escalator, just above the main hotel guest lobby.

2017 IoT Device Security Summit Sponsors

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