ME1114:  Using Graph Databases to Power the Internet of Things
Day 05/08/14
Time 10:50-11:15
Company Neo Technology
Abstract Graphs are a fantastic tool for understanding complex, connected, and dynamic systems, which makes graph databases the logical choice for making sense of the vast, growing web of connected devices comprising the Internet of Things. With a graph database, you can easily understand and query the relationships between devices, networks, sensors, companies, and users. This significantly advances the ability to unveil insights on everything in the IoT, including data control and security, and facilitate real-time analytics on the complex relationships between the connected devices. This session provides a brief overview of graphs and graph databases, and how they are the optimal choice to power the IoT.



Andreas Kollegger
Product Experience Designer, Neo Technology

Andreas Kollegger is a leading speaker and writer on graph databases and Neo4j and the bridge between community and developer efforts. He works actively in the community, appearing at meetups around the world and promotes the larger Neo4j ecosystem of projects.