ME1399:  Securing the Internet of Things: From Node to Cloud
Day 05/06/15
Time 11:25-11:55
Location Magnolia Room
Company Freescale Semiconductor
Abstract As the IoT gains momentum, one challenge has become more evident - the lack of unified guidelines for ensuring security of IoT applications. The things on the internet are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches. Recently, execution of unauthorized code enabled the exfiltration of millions of credit cards and in another case, vital automotive systems were taken over by a hacker injecting rogue data into a car's controller network. Securing the IoT is a multi-faceted issue, encompassing platform trust, access control, and data security in systems spanning cloud data centers, networking processors, and sub-$1 nodes. A holistic view of the systems and challenges comprising the Internet of Things is needed for it to achieve its potential value and transform into the Internet of Tomorrow.



Tareq Bustami
VP Product Management for Digital Networking, Freescale Semiconductor

Tareq Bustami joined Freescale in 2012 as Vice President of Product Management for the Digital Networking group where he leads product strategy, product definition and marketing operations. He previously worked for LSI, where he was responsible for the company's multicore family of processors targeted for the networking space. Prior to joining LSI, he was Product Line Manager for the high-end embedded/network processor family of solutions for AMCC. And before that, he was Product Line Manager for Freescale's PowerQUICC III family of products, as well as a Multicore Engineer and Design Manager for Freescale's PowerPC processor solutions. He holds a master's degree in business administration and master's and bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.