ME1402:  Designing for IoT: 5 Elements of Innovation for Success
Day 05/06/15
Time 12:00-12:30
Location Magnolia Room
Company Imagination Technologies
Abstract IoT presents a vast number of opportunities for innovation across industries. While specific opportunities vary greatly depending on the industry and the application, IoT device design needs to address not just the complexities around connectivity, node based processing and sensor analytics, but also the evolving requirements of security and interoperability. Coupled with emerging standards and the flexibility that over-the-air updates and always-on devices provide, innovation options exist across all phases of a project lifecycle to allow extensions in use and purpose beyond the initial concept. In designing the next generation of IoT devices, where as an industry do we need to innovate to drive progress, and where as companies can we innovate to create our own differentiation?



Andy Thompson
Vice President of Segment Marketing, Imagination Technologies

Andrew Thompson is Vice President of Segment Marketing at Imagination Technologies, responsible for leading Imaginationís overall vertical market strategy and ecosystem engagement for the companyís IP portfolio across all market segments. Prior to joining Imagination in 2014, Andrew was Senior Director of Product Management for mobile products at Nvidia, and before that was Vice President, Marketing, at video startup Quartics. Andrew has also held a range of marketing and technology roles with AMD, ATI Technologies and Real 3D. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University.