Panel Discussion: Sorting Through the Myriad of IoT Connectivity Options
Day 05/25/16
Time 11:15-12:00
Abstract Prepare your questions for this panel of experts covering multiple domains associated with IoT connectivity. Consumer vs. industrial. Short range vs. long range. Secure vs. insecure. Industry standards vs. proprietary. Building blocks vs. turn-key solutions. Learn which approach will work best for your IoT application.


Kannan Dorairaj, CEO, Infiswift
Vivek Mohan, Senior Product Manager, Wireless Products, Silicon Labs
Chakra Parvathaneni, Vice President, Ensigma Business Operations, Imagination Technologies
Hardy Schmidbauer, Director Wireless and IoT, Semtech
Stan Schneider, CEO, Real Time Innovations



Markus Levy
President, EEMBC

Markus Levy is president of EEMBC, which he founded in April 1997. EEMBC is a not-for-profit consortium developing industry-standard benchmarks for ADAS, IoT, and other embedded industries. Mr. Levy is also president of the Multicore Association, which he co-founded in 2005. He was previously a senior analyst at Microprocessor Report and editor at EDN magazine. Mr. Levy began his career at Intel as senior applications engineer and customer training specialist for microprocessor and flash memory products. He is co-author of "Designing with Flash Memory" and developed several patents related to flash memory architecture and usage as a disk drive alternative.