ME1601:  50 Billion Messages and Counting: Lessons Learned from Shipping Real-World IoT
Day 05/26/16
Time 15:00-15:55
Location Camino Real
Company Electric Imp
Abstract Building, deploying, and maintaining Internet of Things solutions for the real world is challenging, starting with rock-solid security and connectivity, to data, processing, and operations at scale, and then integrating with the diverse needs of customers to deliver IoT value. Electric Imp provides a secure and intelligent connectivity platform that is used by 70+ customers in 105+ countries and has processed more than 50 billion data messages to date. In this session, we will discuss real-world scenarios, typical challenges, and key lessons we've learned over the years. This talk includes live demos and is for anyone who needs to understand what it takes to deliver IoT in the real world.



Terrence Barr
Head of Solutions Engineering, Electric Imp

Terrence is the Head of Solutions Engineering at Electric Imp. His previous roles included Senior Software Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Lead Architect for Java ME, Principal Product Manager for Oracle’s Internet of Things platform, and tech lead for a large-scale connected vehicle deployment with one of the worlds largest car manufacturers. Terrence has published multiple papers and speaks frequently at conferences around the world.