ME1599:  The Necessity and Challenges of IoT Gateway Performance Analysis
Day 05/26/16
Time 14:30-14:55
Location Cypress
Company Dell
Abstract IoT gateways play a crucial role in collecting, processing, securing, and managing edge-node devices and data. Understanding a gateway’s performance and energy constraints and how these can change based on environment and usage gives you metrics to make decisions about improving efficiency, ultimately translating into a positive business impact. Predicting when a gateway might fail empowers you with information to design systems and develop software that takes advantage of the available resources through a balanced view of real, measurable performance of the system. This talk focuses on the benefits and challenges of building an IoT gateway benchmark and explores the critical need for real-world application data to build out credible industry standards.



Rory Rudolph
Senior Systems Engineer, Dell

Rory is a Senior Systems Engineer at Dell focusing on IoT Performance.