Key Requirements for Software Updates for IoT/Connected Devices
Day 06/06/18
Time 15:00-15:30
Abstract A key requirement for connected Linux devices is the ability to deploy remote software updates to them so that bugs, vulnerabilities and new features can be addressed while devices live in the field for up to 10 years. As part of the project, we have interviewed more than 100 embedded developers to understand best practices and the current state of enabling software updates for connected devices today. The key requirements found during this study can be split into the following areas we cover: - Robustness - Ease - Performant - Secure - Extensible In order to address these requirements, design trade-offs need to be made. In this presentation, we will cover the most common update strategies.



Eystein Stenberg

Eystein Stenberg has over 10 years of experience in security and systems management as a developer, a support engineer, a technical account manager, a product manager, and now CTO. He has been in the front lines of some of the largest production environments in various roles and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges in systems security in a real-world context.

Eystein has spoken at various conferences, including Embedded Linux Conference, Embedded Systems Conference, and Internet of Things World.

He holds a Masters degree in cryptography and his writing credits include various articles published by Linux Journal, Embedded Computing Design, and Eystein has also authored “Distributing a Private Key Generator in Ad Hoc Networks.â€ï¿½